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2020 Vision in Good Health

2020 Vision in Good HealthIt's the start of a new year and everyone, I mean everyone's new years' resolution is to become healthier or fitter! I have a solution to that problem that's inexpensive and is easy to do! Here are 7 simple but effective ways you can achieve good health this year! (Good health doesn't always mean going to the gym and trying to get ripped)

7 - Walk More!This one is quite self-explanatory, but it's true, instead of paying that extra £5 to park in front of your office, save that and take a bus and walk! It's much better for the environment and its healthier too, its a win-win. You also get an excuse to explore your local area and visit places you've never been to in your town/city. In this study, it shows that walking actually reduces stress, anxiety, anger-hostility, depression and confusion! There are many benefits to walking to get out and do it more often! Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

6 - Eat healthier foods!Now, this on…
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Is being a YouTuber really the best job?

Is being a YouTuber really the best job? As the year is coming to an end, Forbes tends to post their list of richest people in the world today, and I’m sure many of you have seen that at the top of the YouTube earning list was an 8-year-old boy named Ryan Kaji. He earned an astonishing $20 million+ this year alone, I extend my congratulations to him and his family.

This then gave me the question is being a YouTuber really the best job, so I set out to ask 10 YouTubers ranging from 100 subscribers to 500k subscribers to see what it was really like being a YouTuber. Here are their replies:

Jeonqz "When I was starting out, one of my biggest issues was being upset with how the amount of effort wasn’t worth how many views I was getting. I'd put a lot of time and effort into my videos, trying to make them the best quality and as entertaining as I can get them, they still don't get the recognition that I want them to get. It's very discouraging in my opinion. Another hard p…

Should the UK parliament Subsidise Payments on other factors to help tackle Climate Change

Should Parliament Subsidise Payments on other factors to help tackle Climate Change?When I asked a group of friends on my snapchat what they thought about this, the main reply I got was "Yes it should, but IDK what" and if I'm honest I kind of agree. But, me being me, I decided to make it seem as though I was strongly against them and made it seem as though they were saying stupid things. The argument when a little like this:

As you can see we do go a bit off tangent but for the most part we are debating as to why the government should reduce the amount of money they spend on drug addicts "junkies". The person I was arguing with was saying how if people are choosing to "destroy" their lives it should be their fault not the fault of the people who pay taxes. I 100% agree, only that means killing people without thinking about it, which I don't agree with, I think people should be given time to rehabilitate and a part of society. With that being said,…

The Traumatising Troubles of a Disability

The Traumatising Troubles of a Disability
I'm first going to start of by saying, that I may not be a disabled person myself, but as an aspiring doctor, I've been to a handful of practices and talked to many disabled this article I'm also going to try and stay away from using disability as much as possible, as I understand that this word could bring about some bad memories for people. Having a disability is hard and not many people understand the emotional and physiological effects of actually being disabled. Yes, the effects vary from one condition to another and one person to another, but we can talk about these effects universally. But I am just using this piece to raise awareness the people which are actually disabled and the struggles that they may go through.

What does it mean to be disabled?The common misconception around being disabled is that people think being disabled means that you are wheelchair bound, and can't do day to day activities by yourself.…

Should the NHS be Privatised

Should the NHS be Privatised?There are many arguments that could relate to the NHS being privatised, as we've seen on many news sites, the prime minister was shown to be looking to privatise the NHS. So today I will be addressing the common pros and cons of privatising the NHS.
AdvantagesIn the UK we can clearly see that there is a big issue of funding and money in the NHS, they clearly aren't making enough money to cover costs, leading the government to taxing the citizens of UK more and more just to cover the costs of the dying NHS. If the government was to privatise the NHS then they could look into lowering the tax on citizens and focusing efforts and money on other issues such as tackling climate change and education. "trusts are forecasting to end the year £558million in deficit" (Kings Fund). "When the NHS was created in 1948, life expectancy was 13 years shorter than it is today. Longevity has been a great triumph of public health policy but it has come …